InfraRed(IR) Remote Tester / IR receiver Circuit using TSOP1738

A simple InfraRed(IR) receiver circuit using TSOP1738 IC. Also known as remote tester, this circuit can turn on LED whenever any button on the remote control is pressed. The heart of this circuit is TSOP1738 which demodulates the signals received from the remote control and gives output in the form of active low. Watch the video above for detailed step by step instructions on how to build this circuit on a breadboard.

Some applications of this project are:

  1. Light up an LED strip near a TV in a way that whenever you press a button on the remote control the LED lights glow. You can do this by using a mosfet at the output of TSOP1738
  2. Controlling devices through signals from remote. You need to add a flip-flop at the TSOP1738’s output

Resistor is to prevent the LED from burning out and the capacitor is used to reduce the flickering. Note that the supply voltage has to strictly be between (5-6)V.

Components Needed:

  1. TSOP 1738 IC
  2. LED ~3v rated
  3. Resistor: (470-1000)ohms
  4. Capacitor: (10-100)micro-farads
  5. Power supply: 5v to 6v
  6. Breadboard

Circuit Diagram:


If you have any queries/suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments section of this video: InfraRed(IR) Remote Tester / IR receiver Circuit using TSOP1738